“No Scrubs” November


As the infamous female empowerment group TLC sings, “Cause I’m looking like class, and he’s looking like trash…” is the theme for this month’s post – “No Scrubs November.” This month we’re taking it back to the 90’s – the current trend for this fall’s fashion. Chokers, sneakers, and lots and lots of denim can be found sported for any street fashion  wear. This month, I want to share how you can incorporate 90’s fashion influence into everyday wear while parading your Woman Power attitude.




This outfit focuses on the bold denim trends that were fashionable in the 90’s. Pairing the denim with a over-sized band tee and checkered Vans gives the outfit an easy current street style trend but making it versatile for both eras. The John Lennon lenses gives the outfit a vintage edge. Of course, adding a simple black chokers adds to the 90s vibes that were intentional.


"More Than a Woman"


Anyone remembers “Aliyah”? Danielle definitely channeled her vibes with this red bandana, oversized denim jacket, and Calvin Klein statement sports wear. Still trending, you can purchase Calvin Klein sports statement wear in any department stores, or even just the Calvin Klein stores. You can style them with the 90’s vibe, or style for Athleisure wears, or wear them to compliment a touch of Preppy. Aliyah’s statement pieces can still be worn in today’s fashion, whether it’s the complete outfit or snagging a piece here/there.


"The Fresh Queen of Bel Air"


This is a story about how a girl from 2017 took inspiration from the Queen of Bel Air. Ashley Banks revolutionized the combination of edge and chic in the 90’s. Being sisters to  a girl who would never dress for less, Ashley Banks revolved her own style. Tolu wore two different outfit inspirations from the queen herself. First, showing a sophisticated side, wearing black on black tucked-in with red statement pieces (belt and handbag). The second is a more casual outfit. Tolu wears slimming pants with a cropped tee, much like the everyday style of Ashley. Both outfits could still be bold street styles of fall 2017.


Inspired to flaunt 90’s wear this fall? Feel free to share inspirations or personal styles in the comments below. Look forward to sharing next month’s post, until then….

xoxo, -M

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