“Patchwork” – Add Your Personal Twist to Items Already Purchased





Have you noticed random yet fun stickers pasted on denim this fall? Have you looked at those styles and wonder, “Why are these patches embroidered on all these clothing?” Well that style would be called “Patchwork” and is currently trending on this season’s Runway shows. “Patchwork” is a simplistic way to add fun designs on your clothing without going the extra mile of designing and sewing. Most of the time, you can find iron-ons, which takes only 2-5 mins to create!




I was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s 2017 Fall Line, where he introduces “Patchwork.” I had purchased this denim dress at a local thrift store. Since the style seemed current with the off-shoulder cut, I decided applying patches would spice up my full denim attire. I found these patches and stickers at Hobby and Lobby, spending less than $20. It took me about 10-15mins. to apply these stickers to my dress. Because these stickers are meant to be applied on clothing, washing and wearing again shouldn’t be a problem.



Not only can you apply patches on clothing, you can apply these fun stickers on shoes, handbags, hats, and etc… the list can go on!

Have any creative ideas on how and where to add patches? I would love to see your inspirations! Until next time,

Xoxo, M

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