How to Wear Summer Pieces for Fall Fashion: ft. “Pajama Chic”


Pajama Chic



With summer coming to an end and fall quickly approaching, that means one thing, it is time to switch from summer dresses and sandals to thicker jackets and boots. For those who live up north, this is an easier transition because change of seasons also means change in the weather. But if you are a southern girl and summer still lasts another 1-2 months, well wearing fall clothes is just out of the question. But do you really want to walk around in shorts and a tank top all of October? Well this post is to share for all those girls who live in southern states that keep two seasons, Summer and Winter. How do you take Summer pieces that are bearable to wear in the Fall but make them work as easy transition pieces?

If you have seen the Runway Fashion for this upcoming Fall Season, you might have noticed some styles that stand out. One look in specific is what I like to call “Pajama Chic.” “Pajama Chic” is taking items that look like your bedtime wardrobe but meant to be dressed up for everyday wear. You are probably thinking, “Why would I want to wear an outfit that looks like I’m getting ready for sleep?” “Pajama Chic” items are light weight clothes that hot for fall fashion – therefore, you would be able to keep fall fashion by sporting items that are naturally airy and easy/comfortable to wear.


My inspiration came from Cosmopolitan’s “Bedtime Stories” edition of the 2017 Fall Runway Looks. Designer, Adam Selman, dressed his model in head to toe stripes. The material and pattern of the top and bottoms were the same, resembling night wear. I paired these Zara striped pants with my By Together, You and I oversized blouse. Instead of dressing down this look, I decided to go with a sophisticated classic look that makes it look like street or work wear. My nude BCBGeneration heels subtly balanced the stripe on stripe combination. Keeping the rest of the look basic yet chic, I paired simple gold jewelry. My Kate Spade gold watch probably was the largest statement piece but adds to that mature/classic look I wanted. Adding a messy bun keeps that professional look but with the “I woke up like this” vibe.


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For me this outfit would be easy to wear on a warm or chilly day. The material is light enough yet without giving any hints of a summer wardrobe. When the seasons change again next year, I can easily take these two pieces and pair them differently. Hopefully, this gives a better insight on how to wear your pajamas fashionably and how to deal with how the south treats fall, for now. I would love to see your ideas of what Pajama Chic!

Till next time,

xoxo – M




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