Coachella 2017

Hello! This month we are back with our annual Coachella tribute. Coachella is the place where music and fashion collide to produce one of the best festivals of time. It has become tradition to bring out their best boho infused outfits. This prompted inspiration for 2017 summer styles – which we want to share with you by our models interpretations.

"Urban Boho"


“Solange Knowles inspired my look. I felt like the braids and the tan jacket really resemble her free, boho yet chic style.” – Tolu

Tolu’s printed skirt gives a boho vibe because of the pattern. The jacket and boots makes this outfit versatile for all seasons. The hat effortlessly provides a Coachella vibe.

 Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Thrift Shop

Coat: Blu Pepper

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Hat: Ross

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"Edgy Boho"


“I was inspired by the fall season. My look is more of a chic, stylish fall look when it’s just beginning to get chilly outside. I stuck with the black for a dramatic effect and threw the jacket on for an edgy touch.” – Chelsea

Dress: Forever 21

Hat: Forever 21

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Jacket: Wrangler

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"Mystical Boho"


“Coachella celebrates musical and visual art, so what better way to reflect this celebration than to sport an outfit inspirited by the first original art – earth. This look is a light and feminine ensemble inspired by woodland fairies and the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, Flora.” – Kelsey

Dress: Tobi

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

Headband: Claire’s

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"Gypsy Boho"


I love the gypsy boho look. It’s very dramatic and drawn out, especially with the use of things like jewelry. I think that’s the part I’m in love with. I feel this Target dress establishes a distinctive foundation for my outfit match with these $10 gladiator heels – it definitely become unique. Through the use of these clothes and Clothes Mentor silver necklaces, I was able to give the outfit the gypsy vibe I was searching for.

Dress: Pink Rose (Target) $15

Headband: Forever 21

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"Hippie Boho"


“Coachella is about expressing one’s inner hippie. I also channeled Vanessa Hudgen’s style, who is referred to as the Queen of Coachella. This printed drop crotch romper created a free-spirited vibe. Since the romper was a statement piece on its own, I chose to accessorize with simplistic gold jewelry. I wanted the outfit to flow together naturally versus each piece being a bold statement. Like the hippies of Woodstock, I wanted an outfit that fit the occasion but also simplistic enough to wear.

Romper: Massimo (Target) $30

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

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Coachella is a wrap! Stay tuned for our post next month.





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