Month of the Males – Pt. 1

Hey guys! We are back and brought the boys with us! This month we wanted to show  you that guys can slay too. We decided to take the 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Shows and apply it to everyday and affordable wear. Runway looks don’t have to be intimidating to duplicate. So guys, this one is for you…

"Beach Vibes..."


This outfit is all about feeling those good vibes. Those good vibes were channeled by this Pac Sun Aztec print button down and Hollister jeans. To give a distressed and relaxed look, we had Stylists, Jennifer, make holes in the jeans. Our model, Hector, decided to roll his jeans and go bare foot to show this outfit can easily be worn from the beach to the streets.

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This year, Fashion Shows show cased a variety of unique prints – as you can tell by Hector’s shirt. Seventies with a touch of Bohemian flare is dominating the run-ways. Both styles are captured into Hector’s “Beach Vibe” look.




Alright boys, you get to revisit your childhood wardrobe to be the GI Joe of street fashion. This season Camo has made a comeback! Kyle’s entire outfit can currently be purchased from Forever 21. Army uniform is far from comfortable but we wanted to still capture it’s athleticism. The jersey top ($12.90) Kyle is wearing is sporty without it being over bearing because of the light-weight material. We paired the camo top with olive joggers ($19.90) – these are practical, comfortable, and fashionable. The converse soften up the look by channeling a youth-like essence from your childhood wardrobe.

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“Camouflage is fighting its way to the top of the style stakes next summer as urban adventures toughen up their look. Spotted at Givenchy, Valentino, and Dries Van Noten.” – Vogue


"Get Pinked"


This season you can give your “masculinity” a break and settle for the pastels. Remington, our model, is showcasing the soft pinks. His Forever 21 wardrobe (top – $7.90, shorts – $9.90, hat – $5) is currently sold in stores. If this is “too much” pink for some guys, you can always choose certain items to make statement pieces. Remington shows that you rock the “Pretty in Pink” easily.

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This outfit is a perfect example of color blocking, which is seen repetitively in the outfits walking down Fashion Week. GQ states, most of the pink outfits for men are being worn as suits but Remington’s look is the perfect translation to everyday Street Style.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 3.47.24 PM.png

"Sportswear Alliance"


From the field – to the runway – to your closet, it’s time to Sport. Sportswear was seen everywhere during Fashion Week. Designers used this look to relate more to the people of the street and it’s one of the easiest looks to accomplish – no matter your age or build. “Sportswear Alliance” is the male version of women’s Athleisure. It takes athletic wear and turns it into street wear.

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Dylan is sporting a $10 Forever 21 top that is similar to a FILA statement top worn during Fashion Week. His look is laid back and simple to wear. From the jeans to the Nikes, every guy has some form of these items in their closet. We added a pleather black cap to add some edge to the outfit and incorporate that baseball caps are statement pieces for mens everyday style this season.

sports alliance vogue

"Seventies Revival"


Along with GI Joe, the 70’s experienced a revival this season. Many seventies staples like: denim suits, suede, and fringe – appeared on the runway. Showcasing fringe was the focal point of this outfit. Freddie kept it classic with the black bell-bottoms and band t-shirt but his fringe jacket refreshed the ultimate 70’s feel.

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Trend Spotter advises “the key to pulling off this trend is to find pieces that pay tribute to the 70’s, but also complement your features and coloring.” 

Freddie also took the term “thrifting” to a new level. Yes, vintage shops are fun to visit but isn’t online shopping more convenient? Freddie modernized “thrifting” by purchasing his entire outfit on Amazon. Whether some items were new or slightly-worn, it made it outfit affordable and one-of-a-kind.

With Fashion Week creating so many new trends, we are excited to share them all! This ends Part 1 of Mens Fashion Month. Stay tuned for Part 2. We would love to hear your feedback and comments and as always, love to hear your ideas.

A BIG thanks to our models: Hector, Kyle, Remington, Dylan and Freddie!

All fun images will be shared through Moriah Michelle Photography.

Xoxo, M & B

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