Celebrity Look A-likes

Happy New Year! We want to start off the New Year with New Fashion Inspirations. Who else to bring us current style than infamous celebrities. For this blog we are sharing some of our favorite fashion icons and adapted our personal style to theirs. We hope you enjoy “Celebrity Look A-likes…”



“As many of you know, my current style consists of Boho/Flower Child and Rocker Chic. I love it when clothes are loose with an earthy color pallet but I also like to add black and leather for a touch of edge. Who better to mesh these two looks together than my favorite style icon, Vanessa Hudgens. For this particular look, it mixed both elements to where the style is fashionable yet comfortable.

I used the same color tones as she wears in the middle photo. My purple American Eagle top complimented her lavender palazzos. My H&M leather jacket is more cropped than hers but still gives the rocker chic vibe I wanted. My sunglasses and necklaces were both purchased from Earthbound. I wore chunky sandals I found while thrifting to give height but still create a comfortable shoe choice. I wore my hair wavy to give texture since the outfit has a mellow tones. I love how I could create an outfit that is almost identical while still adding my own flair – all for an estimate of $60. Another bonus: Each clothing item is a basic “must-have” for every closet. A comfortable “Soft & Sexy” top from American Eagle can be worn with leggings, skirts, pants, jeans, and etc. Palazzos are fun to pair with just about anything. In my opinion, everyone needs some form of a leather jacket in the winter, it goes with everything!” – M



“Lately, I’m sure you have noticed the mirage of baggy somewhat short dresses that are worn by MANY celebrities. These are in fact shift dresses, and have been taking the world of street style by storm this season. Not only have they earned a place in the streets, but in my heart as well. I am constantly wearing these types of dresses, and have found many fun ways to stye them. This particular outfit is one of my favorites and was inspired by Kendall Jenner.

As you can see, Kendall goes with a very simple dress. Instead of wearing something elaborate and uncomfortable, she spices up the outfit with fun shoes or a layered coat. Because of Texas weather, I opted for no coat. Instead I wore my rust colored Forever 21 shift dress ($15) and black Bamboo gladiator heels ($10). One tip I advise is to wear heels with these dresses because it elongates your legs, giving you a leaner and sleeker look compared to flat shoes. This is also a great way to spice up any simple dress!” – B


We hope you enjoyed our take on celebrity fashion. We would love to see some your favorite 2017 fashion icons and are always open for thoughts and ideas. With this New Year we hope to bring New Fashion to Dallas. Stay tuned for our next post.


M & B










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