The Elements

Hey guys! We present to you… “The Elements.” We were inspired by one of our close friends to incorporate nature into fashion. Each outfit can also relate to each of the seasons. Not only did we use fashion to express the elements, but were particular with hair/makeup and setting. We hope you enjoy the beauty of Air, Earth, Fire and Water….




“I wanted to communicate Air as something as mystical and soft – like how it feels. For this outfit, I was particularly influenced by cream and gold/silver hues. Air posses a translucent and flowly feel; which is why I chose to build my outfit from my Delia’s tutu skirt. Air is often bold. This gold Chico’s top not only gives the outfit a subtle pop of color, but the material is also light. To incorporate the  effects from air, the shirt is lined with gold sparkling thread. I added the silver hues through my make up, which was completed by the talented Jocelyne Garcia (the other Garcia sister). The necklace added a delicate touch to enhance my silver hues and give the sparking effect of air.”

– B



Fire – some think of bold colors while others think of intensity. So for this look, we had our model, Sydney, bring that energy to the shoot. Her red Volcom dress embodied the power that is associated to fire. Since her hair is naturally red and curly, we didn’t need much accents. Her hair gives off the impression of flames.  The black shoes help show the variety of styles of how the dress can be worn. In this scenario, it gives fire’s confident edge.



“In the wise words of Pocahontas, ‘every rock and tree and creature – has a life, has a spirit has a name..’ With that in mind, I wanted to embody an earthy look. Since fringe is hot this season, I chose a Soprano tank and paired it with a Rue21 suede skirt. The henna (by Reena’s Salon) embodies earth’s traditions as well as adding a boho touch. My make-up artist, Jocelyne, decided to add flowers to my eyelashes to enhance the nature vibe. Because earth is beautiful with it’s simplicity, I decided to add a simple opal necklace. My hair is wavy is portray a raw, natural aurora.”




Blue is a calming yet vibrant color, much like water. Because of that, we dressed our model, Brooke, in a JustFabulous royal blue, maxi dress. Water doesn’t have a specific form, so we chose a maxi dress without your typical style. In order to reinforce water’s tranquility, we decided Brooke should go with blue make-up. However, water can also be simple so we chose to accent the dress with a single necklace.


To conclude, we hope you enjoyed our experience with the elements like we did – not only in nature but also fashion. We also would like to thank Hunter Hershberger for photographing “Air” and “Earth” and thank you to Moriah Michelle Photography for photographing “Fire” and “Water.” A special thanks to make-up artist, Jocelyne Garcia for  the look of “Air” and “Earth.” We appreciated Fort Worth’s Botanical Gardens for allowing us to model on their facility. And last but not least, thanks to all our beautiful models for withstanding hot/cold and humid/wet climates – we love y’all. Let us know what you think and stay tuned for the next post coming in November!


M & B

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