Mount Olympus: How to Style Maxis Pt. 3

Hey guys! Well, here is our final post to Mount Olympus. We hope you enjoyed our journey from each god and the different styles for your summer maxis. For this post we show you four more gods with four more looks..but we did add a twist! For  the guys out there, there is special dedication for y’all. Be sure to check out Part 1 & 2 if you haven’t already.




To kick things off, we introduce Ares – the god of war. So naturally we wanted to capture a dominant and authoritative vibe with every element of this outfit. Unlike Athena, Ares depicts the violent and untamed aspect of war. His demeanor is raw which is what we tried to share.

“Ares is all about being bold so I used this statement dress from Forever 21 that was $25. The slits on the side, as well as halter neckline, provide the daring trait that Ares is known for. The color shows the blood shed as well as the mysterious lure. We translated Ares shield and armor to the detailed cuffs/bracelets (from Forever 21.) As you can see, the maroon stone complimentes the maroon in my dress. To complete the warrior look we added black gladiator sandals from Rue21 ($25) that ultimately brought the look together. For my hair I decided to stick with something simple yet fierce. I straightened it and added a single french braid to the side for an edgy vibe.” – Bethany



Quick, cunning, and the fastest messenger, this would introduce our next god, Hermes. Because of his ability to travel the fastest through realms, his athletic abilities are  prominent. Hermes’s possesses a variety of interest, from poetry to running. So for this photo shoot, we decided to focus on his athleticism versus his playful nature. Because Hermes brings good luck to his allies, we wanted our model, Ricky, to embody victory.

Ricky wears a black, Nike bomber jacket paired with black ,Nike joggers. You might be wondering, where is his shirt? For street style, we would pair these two items with a classic, white t-shirt. This gives a standard, athleisure vibe. However, since he embodies strength and exertion as a god, his look was completed by just wearing the jacket and joggers.



Now, to take things to another world, we present Poseidon – the god of the sea. Poseidon displays three characteristics: strength, power, and charisma. His temperament controlled the weather. There are many moods Poseidon displays, but for this one, we wanted to show the authoritative yet chill nature this god possess.

“For Poseidon, I did a mellow approach to this power god. Obviously wearing the color blue established the water relation. The dress is currently sold at Forever 21 for $20. I thought the high neckline differentiated this dress from your typical maxi by giving it a more formal appeal. Because the photo shoot was done in water, I went with simple accessories. I also wanted a simple beach look. The Rue21 necklace resembled gems from the ocean and the Charlotte Russe gold cuff and handchain accented the goddess vibes. You may/may not be able to tell, but the eyeshadow is painted fish scales. I went with beach waves for my hair to give a natural vibe.” – Moriah





Last, but definitely not least, we present Mount Olympus’s outcast – Hades. Being the god of the Underworld, Hades was always misunderstood and shunned. Many depict him as dramatic and a loner. For us, we wanted to share a glimpse of the theatrical depiction of Hade’s emotions versus the corrupt, vengeful nature that many label him.

Here, we have Hades dressed in all black to embody his darkness. Our model, Christina, went with a more chic and Eurpoean Gothic interpretation. Her black, meshed top compliments her black, pleated maxi. We added the black, laced masquerade mask for mystery yet insight to Hade’s nature – reserved. And if you are wondering, where is the colored photos? We thought black and white eluded to his deep void and concrete emotions.

We hope you enjoyed our journey through Mount Olympus and the style variations included. We hope this added some spice to your maxi wardrobe. We would like to give a special thanks to Moriah Michelle Photography. Also a special thanks to Hunter Hershberger for the pictures of Poseidon. Tell us who is your favorite! We want to hear your feedback and any ideas for the next project.


M & B

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