Mount Olympus: How to Style Maxis Pt. 2

Hey guys! This week we introduce Round 2 of our Mount Olympus project. You will see a fresh set of gods with a new take on how to style your maxis this summer. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Part 1 of Mount Olympus for more insight to maximize your summer wardrobe.



To kick things off, we present Zeus – the god of sky and thunder. Because Zeus has a reputation of being the power god and ruler of Mount Olympus, we wanted to convey that idea with out model’s outfit. Even though the dress is black and chic, Sydney took a different approach to make this maxi stand out.

Sydney chose a black, asymmetric neckline Michael Kors dress. The dress shape stands out from your typical crew cut maxi. Instead of accessories, she chose to enhance her makeup and pair statement shoes to her look. With Zeus possessing lightening bolts as his symbol, Sydney applied gold accents to her makeup. The lace-up, nude heels add a power essence because it elongates the shape of the dress. Fortunately this dress can be styled in numerous ways because of the flexibility of color and style.



You can’t mention Zeus and not bring Hera into the equation. Not only being the Queen Goddess, Hera is the goddess of marriage and children. Her symbol is a peacock which fits her characteristics of being proud yet beautiful.

Brooke decided to go with the peacock symbol by using blues, purples, and teals as her color pallet. Her H&M maxi is a light-weight, cotton dress – which is perfect for hot summer days. She accessorized the teal dress with a gold head-chain and added the peacock feather for affects.  Instead of using jewelry to make a statement, Brooke focused on enhancing her hair and make-up. As you can see, she stuck with the initial color scheme which dressed up her look to fit Hera’s personnel. So if you are wanting a simple yet sleek look, Brooke’s style fits just that.



With Athena being the goddess of Wisdom and War, we decided to go for a bolder approach. Gold symbolizes divinity and knowledge which is exactly why we chose to use it in Jocelyne’s accessories. Her arm decor show cases a more defined and Grecian look. While her eyeball earrings, from  Clothes Mentor, show the knowledge aspect of Athena and make the outfit fun. Lastly, the rings add to the empowered look, overall tying everything together.

“I wanted to embody the strength of the goddess Athena as well as the wisdom and grace in her femininity. Gold is the color of royalty and of the gods so I decided I needed gold accents for this look. The makeup and hair is inspired by Athena’s seemingly fiery character, the hair is meant to mirror a war headdress. For this fierce look I wanted the eyes to be the key emphasis and I went with a smokey eye with warm gold and red accents. The metallic gold lip to reinforce the idea of power.” – Jocelyne




Lastly, we have Apollo – the God of Light. Because Apollo is infamous for his rays of light, we wanted a outfit that embodied this energy. The chiffon material from this BCBG Maxazria provides a breezy and light weight feel. The silver and gold Clothes Mentor necklace is the perfect contrast because it allows both elements to depict light and power but without a harsh clash. The sun-ray headband is an exclusive design by M & B that takes the outfit to the next level because of the loud statement. We wanted to display Apollo in a bolder light.


Through these four god-inspired outfits show how to style neutrals and colors into something that you don’t see everyday. You can use these tricks to make your outfit your very own through creativity! All photo credits to Moriah Michelle Photography. Stay tuned for the last segment of our Mount Olympus Tribute.



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