Mount Olympus: How to Style Maxis Pt. 1

Hey guys! If you’re like us, maxi dresses are a part of your summer look. Maxi dresses/skirts have evolved with their look and styles, but we want to show you more ways to wear a typical maxi look. We were inspired this summer to take maxi dresses back to the originals, the Greeks. For this month, we decided to share “12 Ways to Style Maxis ft. Mount Olympus Gods.” For each week in July we will share 4 gods + 4 outfits, so stay tuned!



To kick things off, we wanted to first share with you Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. Aphrodite is usually depicted with soft, neutral colors and a certain elegant flair to her poses. We asked our friend, Ruthanna, to duplicate her favorite version of Aphrodite.

“As Aphrodite – the goddess of love and beauty, I was inspired by the art of Boticelli. The classic elegance and feminity of the Renaissance women portrayed in his work influenced my dress choice. The flower crown is meant to symbolize the beauty of nature and the heart necklace represents love.” – Ruthanna



Hephaestus, the god of metal, sculpture, and art, was known for being the outcast. So for this look, we decided to go for a “Rebel Without a Cause” style and what better way to capture both elements than in Deep Ellum with their street art. We dressed our friend Emily with a black, Forever 21 maxi dress. Since the material is chiffon, which gives a softer vibe, we paired it with a black H&M leather jacket and black Dr. Martins – which completed the rebel look. Since Hephaestus is known for being “the blacksmith,” we added a silver necklace to represent his symbol; ironically it looks like iron too! This look not only modernizes the Greek god style but also can be worn year round.




Demeter is the goddess of corn and harvest. She welcomes new life. We tried to depict that in our model, Nicole, with her outfit. Her jumpsuit portrays Demeter’s playful spirit, while her Jessica Simpson sandals add the Greek god element. They also provide the perfect summer look and the silver detail adds a more Grecian feel to this outfit. The leaf necklace from Clothes Mentor shows the life behind this Greek god, and the bracelet and earrings add a goddess like appeal.

“Since Demeter is the goddess of harvest, I decided to go with an emerald jumpsuit to give myself an earthy and natural look. I paired it with gold jewelry to complete the Greek goddess theme.” – Nicole



Artemis is the goddess of hunt and nature. She takes pride in her hunt while carrying an element of grace from nature. We feel this lace cream high-low maxi from Clothes Mentor shows just that. The fur vest from Clothes Mentor shows her victory over her hunt. Her gold necklace, also from clothes mentor, compliments both colors while adding something unique to the outfit. Alison, our model, used props to show Artemis in her natural state.


We hope you enjoyed the first part of our Mount Olympus tribute. What Greek god would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments, we always love to hear your feedback. Stay tuned for the rest of July to see more ways to style maxis as well as favorite gods/goddesses.

Till next week, xoxo

M & B

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