Our Favorite Summer 2016 Trends

Hey guys! For this post we decided to share our favorite summer 2k16 trends. For us, looking cute but staying practical is something we aim for in our everyday style which is what resulted to our favorite summer trends. We hope you fall in love with these summer trends like we have.


“White Tees and Blue Jeans”

“Hello! Coming up with summer trends to stick to can be so tricky. With the whole ‘What will make me not die in this heat,’ but also the ‘I gotta have the cute and I’m put together’ look. Thankfully, my prayer has recently been answered with plain white tees. It’s nothing ecstatic, but it is what you do with them. They have endless opportunities for accessorizing. You can pretty much look up any fashion icon to see their twist on the plain white tee. Whether it be if you want a business look or a rocker look  you can really pair them with anything for the ultimate combination.


For this particular outfit, I chose to go with more of a casual look hence the ripped denim skirt. To add a more interesting vibe I added a black and gold long compass necklace and leopard print headband. Lastly, and of course was the plain white tee that I got from Old Navy for only $6.” -B


“Band Tees with a Touch of Fringe”

“I remember last summer when band tees made the scene as the ultimate summer look. Luckily, they are still trending which is great for me because I like how you can throw one on and it still makes a statement. Of course, I have to add a bohemian vibe and since fringe is a hit this year, it’s a perfect combination!


For this outfit, all items were purchased from Rue21 and all under $50! The Guns n Roses band tee ($18) is a simple compliment to the fringe, suede skirt ($8). I added the lace up sandals ($15) to avoid your typical sandal. Since this outfit is a bit loud, why not add a floppy hat with some colorful jewelry? If I was just going to work, I would take away the hat and choker, but if I had plans then the look completes a warm, summer vibe.” – M


We hope you enjoy some of our favorite summer trends! What is your favorite go-to this season? Let us know in the comments, as always, we love to hear your feedback. Stay tuned for July, we have a special post coming your way.

Much love, xoxo

-M & B

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