Hey guys! So we are wondering, how do you Athleisure? Athleisure has been trending this year because of the sporty yet fashionable appeal. Probably the most popular Athleisure icons would be Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. The basics of Athleisure are combining your everyday look with a pair of your favorite athletic shoes. For this post, we decided to showcase three ways to sport your Athleisure, from street style to workout wear.

Chic Athleisure


“There are days where I just don’t feel like choosing an elaborate outfit but if I dress down, people tend to think I am not feeling well. So how does one choose a stylish yet comfortable outfit that can take up to 10 minutes to simply throw on? For me, I chose a grey maxi dress from White House Black Market. The material is stretchy and light weight which makes it easy to thrown on and endure for a day. I paired it with my white Nike shoes and hat, which gave a sporty appeal. To dress it up a bit and add a color statement, I added my purple Anne Klein purse. The shoes, hat, and purse can be added to a variety of different colored maxis which makes the whole getting ready routine simple yet fashionable!” – M


Sporty Athleisure 


“For my look I chose something a little more simple. Personally, I am not one that likes to go out all that much , and when I do I like to be comfortable, so my outfit was just that. I chose my black t-shirt dress from old navy. To dress it up and add a pop of color that I paired it with a light denim, Old Navy jacket around my  waist. To finish the look I added my Adidas original superstar sneakers, which as you probably know are my absolute favorites.” – B

Workout Athleisure


When working out it is difficult to find that good balance of “I’m here to put in work, but also I wouldn’t mind looking presentable and cute at the same time.” It can also be hard to find  workout clothes that are cute as well as comfortable and secure. Keeping this in mind, we chose this outfit:

Gabby wore an Adidas hot pink tank with black shorts. The two color combinations add that classic workout look you are used to seeing in the advertisements. However, instead of calling it quits with those two pieces we added a pair of black Nike socks and some basketball shoes. This completely ties the outfit together and seals the deal of looking ready to conquer your workout.

So, how do you Athleisure? Tell us your favorite Athleisure styles in our comments. We always love to hear your feedback. Till next time…


M & B

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