Hey guys! We know it’s been awhile but we have been working hard on this particular blog. If you’re anything like us, then Coachella is one of your favorite times of year. From the insanely talented performances to the vibrant outfits, it is definitely a place for style inspiration. (especially for us) This is why for this blog, we asked three of our good friends, Emily, Jocelyn, and Gabby to share their favorite Coachella moments, and what they would wear if they were to go.

“Flowers in Your Hair”


Emily went with the infamous Flower Child look. She paired a white chiffon Maxi dress from Express with a Francesca’s flower crown. Because the maxi has a symmetrical neckline and flowy skirt, it makes for a comfortable style. However, the chiffon material gives it a dressy appeal. The flower crown is a simple addition because it compliments the sweet style but still makes a statement.


As you can see, Jocelyne went with a darker and luminous vibe. When we asked her to style her idea of “the perfect Coachella outfit” her response about her outfit was “I was wanting a very goddess-like look. I wanted to embody the spirit of the moon in a sense. I wore black to represent the night. The lace cover up was reinforcing the idea of majesty and femininity as well as mystery.” All her pieces can be found through Maurice’s, Torrid, Rainbow, and Clothes Mentor.

“Dust Bowl Dance”


“I don’t know about you, but all my outfits tend to be predominantly black or at least have black incorporated in them. Because of this I have to compensate for the lack of color in my accessories. To all those like me, to keep the infamous boho vibe found in coachella I added a scarf acting as a head wrap in my hair. The green material had gold specks that complimented with my necklace and gave me more of a gypsy vibe which is how I translate coachella. Lastly I paired it with my Mossimo, green suede boots to keep the simplicity of the outfit as well as the comfort – which for me is always one of the most important things.” – B


“Glitter in the Air”


Like glitter in the air, Gabby went with something similar, simple yet delicate. Her white, crotchet dress has intricate detail but makes a great everyday summer dress because of the everyday qualities. She decided to pair it with a gold, feathered necklace from Clothes Mentor and a pair of 60’s styled sunglasses. Her goal: being cute and comfortable.


“Hippie Dream”


“‘Another flower child goes to seed…just another hippie dream.’ For my look I wanted to relive the Flower Child/Hippie days. Coachella is the one event where you can relive the 60’s and not be judged for it, so this is for all my free spirits out there. I paired blue and white tie-dye together and made sure to add a touch of fringe. Since the outfit is loud enough, I held off an accessories except my rings that came from Earthbound and my ankle bracelets from Charlotte Russe. I wanted a bohemian vibe so the flowy Poppy’s top and Gianni Bini fringe skirt helped accent my flower henna. Like Neil Young’s song, I embraced the hippie dream and put myself as if I were at Coachella.” – M

We hope you enjoyed our interpretation of Coachella 2016. Flowers in Your Hair, Moonchild, and Dust Bowl Dance were taken by Moriah Michelle Photography. Hippie Dream was capture by Christina Rand. What were your favorite moments and outfits? We always love to hear your feedback. Share with us your personal and favorite Coachella styles in the comments! Have a fabulous week and till next time…


M & B

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