Beatles Tribute: A Day in the Life

“I’m glad it’s your birthday, happy birthday to you!”

abbey road

Happy 53rd birthday to the Beatles first album, Please, Please Me! The Beatles set records, influenced trends, and made history. To honor all their success, I decided to divert the attention from their music success and focus on the impact from their fashion. Today we will visit the Evolution of the Beatles: Fashion. I put together 4 outfits that were influenced from each member and each style era.

Many imagine the Beatles with their fitted suits, black heeled boots, and mop like haircut. In the early years, the Beatles religiously wore collarless suits with their customized Cuban-heeled boots. Of course, let’s not forget the first appearance of shaggy hair. They represented the “long hair, don’t care” trend.


“Love Me Do”

the beatles

For me, I’m not much of a suit person. So instead I paired a Banana Republic pencil skirt with a Lauren Conrad white blouse that has printed bows. I chose this to avoid the suit and tie look but still resembling a classic look. My Candies boots are similar to the boots the Beatles wore by the low heel and narrow style. My sunglasses were just a fun effect to give off some 60’s glam.


“And I Saw Her Standing There…”

This next outfit is inspired by the wives of the Beatles. I wanted it to embody the style for women in the 60’s. I took account of the pointy shoes, knee length dresses, and very bug-eyed glasses. This was a fun outfit for me because I felt like a fan from that era instead of a girl playing dress-up. My dress is by Muse and the hat, sunglasses, and heels were bought from Forever 21.



I am the walrus…goo goo g’joob.


After the Beatles produced Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, psychedelic style flourished. Tie dye, long hair, and having an open, free mind were the new “it” factors. Personally, the psychedelic style is one of my favorites. The Beatles transitioned into the hippie attire by growing out their hair/beards, wearing loose clothing, and sporting vibrant colors. My replicated outfit was inspired by George Harrison and Pattie Boyd’s street style. I enjoyed the bold statement of paisleys from my dress (Ann Taylor Loft), touch of fringe (Chicos), and lace up sandals (Rue 21). The 70’s hippie style is in guys, so if I decided on a bold outfit, I could definitely wear this!

Come together…right now…over me.

abbey road 2

Last, but not least, we have the notorious Abbey Road pose. I decided to go with John Lennon’s all white ensemble. But instead of wearing white pants and white blazer, I went with a white BCBG Maxazria maxi dress and a Rue 21 white leather jacket. John paired a brown belt with his look and I did the same – it helped balance the white on white. This particular shoot was the most fun and most work. My photographer, Christina Rand, and I walked up and down Main St. in Dallas to get the similar shot the Beatles captured on Abbey Road.

This shot was important to me because I wanted others to remember the great legacy John, Paul, George, and Ringo will forever leave us. May we never forget the world’s greatest band.

A BIG thank you to Christina Rand for capturing all these photos!

Remember, all we need is love. ❤

xoxo – M


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