Hello everyone! This post is adding onto our Reign series, which I absolutely am in love with. Yes, you can call me obsessed, but no one can deny this shows incredible style for both men and women. And although we are no longer are able to gallivant in ball gowns, or are able to afford them at all you can still apply their style to your wardrobe. I took a fancier approach by using Mary Queen of Scots (my personal favorite character) as my inspiration. However, you can totally convert her statement pieces into your everyday street style as you wish. Now, back to Mary. Her outfit I chose to take inspiration from was a black dress with a silver embroidered top. She had a high collar and slight peasant sleeves.  I adore this look because although it is simple compared to some of her other dresses she still manages to make it stand out.

Reign 4
Photo is not mine
Reign 1
Photo by Moriah Michelle Photography

Mary is very fond of the color black when it comes to her outfit choices. However, she uses other colors such as silver or gold to accent it, and it makes the whole outfit come together. I chose to follow in her footsteps and do the same. My shirt is a high lace collared black mid sleeve shirt which I paired with my Windsor long black skirt. To add the pop of color Mary always uses, I added a crimson belt and gold detailed headband. Although the look is simple it still comes together nicely. You can wear this to a fancier event, and add your own special touches depending on what look you’re going for.

If you recreate this look or any of the others, I would love to see your versions. Just tag me on Instagram at @bethanybg4.

That’s all for now loves!



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