From This Valley

Hello loves! So Beth and I are addicted to the show Reign. If you haven’t heard, it shares the early years of Mary, Queen of Scotts. Of course one of the main reasons why  we love it is the fashion! It takes place in 1557 but instead of using just historical fashion of that era, they add modern couture. So yes, all the girls wear ballgowns everyday but by including the fashion of today, you can’t help but fall in love.

Kenna, one of Mary’s ladies in waiting, relates to my style the most because of her bohemian flare. She always wears chained or floral headpieces and her dresses are always long and airy. Like me, she wears a lot of neutral colors which gives an earthy vibe.

(Image came from Tumblr account, Fashion of Reign)

I wanted to show a way that you can incorporate Kenna’s fashion from the 1500s that is mixed with modern couture but in everyday apparel. I used this cream laced Miss Me top with a cream maxi from Free People. My fur vest and headpiece came from Forever 21. The necklaces were bought at Clothes Mentor Garland. Now if you wanted to dress it down even more, you could go without the vest and headpiece. The great thing about all these items, I didn’t pay full price! Everything except the headpiece, was bought at a resale store, Clothes Mentor Garland. I paid under $50 for the entire look. Why pay full price when you can find brand new pieces that are discounted?

So what do you think of my Lady Kenna look? If you are interested in seeing what Reign fashion has to offer, check Pinterest and if you like it yourself, attempt a DIY. I would love to see your favorite styles and looks 🙂 Till next time loves.





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