Blue Velvet


Hello loves! This week I want to focus on my interpretation of the “New Romantic.” For 2016, designers like Emilia Wickstead, and Erdem created looks based on the Victorian Era. Their designs included lots of lace, ruffles, and floral. Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein incorporated lingerie in everyday wear by adding lots of silk and lace to their collections. So how do we make runway styles into everyday attire? Mix and match your tones.

Dress: Free People

Shoes: Guess

Moon Necklaces: Charlotte Russe

*I do not own rights, this image came from the Elle website*

The middle black dress, designed by Givenchy, was my first inspiration. See how the dress is a sheer fabric with lace inlays? That material is the same as my Free People dress. But by adding a solid fabric under my dress, it helped balance the tones. Even if the dress comes with a built-in slip, you can always adjust your own length by using your own solid layers. My dress had a slip slightly shorter than I wanted, so I simply added my own slip and tank to make it the length I preferred. If you like lace but are afraid it might give a “too sexy” appeal, layer it with a solid.

As for my hair, it was influenced by Vanessa Hudgens, – and if you didn’t already know, she is definitely my favorite style icon. “Romantic” hair is in this season and by romantic I mean hairstyles that use braids.  Her waves are a simple texture but the braid adds an extra detail.

* I do not own this image, this came from Buzzfeed *
* I do not own this image *

If you notice, her black dress also is a Victorian/lingerie combination. This is another interpretation of how you can pair sheer and solids together. This dress sparked my interest for my “Blue Velvet” look. 🙂

So to sum it up, Victorian and Lingerie can be mixed, it’s all about how you decide to balance it. How did you like this look? What would you do to make it different, or what would you add to make it match your personal style? If you are interested in a particular look, let us know your thoughts! See y’all next week.



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