Waka Waka

Hey everyone! To start things off I wanted to do something different. I wanted to provide you all with a chance to wear something out of the box while keeping it tame enough so you don’t feel self-conscious. Because I’m pretty sure we’ve all been in that situation where you feel your outfit doesn’t quite fit in, making it hard to truly enjoy the event. So here is the outfit I chose:

*Photo by Moriah Michelle Photography*


Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Headband: Francesca’s

Necklace: Forever 21

The inspiration I took for this particular outfit was Behati Prinsloo’s street style ensemble which reflects her South African roots.

*Photo does not belong to me*

The tribal essence her outfit gives inspired me to figure out how to incorporate her flawless look with every day apparel, or even if you want to dress it up you can add the heels like I did. My interpretation of this was to keep the tribal maxi, but I wanted to go the extra mile. I decided to add the headband to give it the tribal vibe but instead of having my hair down I wanted to keep it casual by adding French fishtail braids (plus I’m always up for not using heat on my hair.) I opted for an elephant tusk necklace to keep the indigenous look I was searching for. This next part is optional depending on whether you feel comfortable with heels. If not, change it out for some sandals or feel free to expirement with anything. (If you do send me pics or tag me on insta! @bethanybg4)

That’s all for now, but if you decide to recreate any of these outfits be sure to tag me! I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any thoughts, or would like to see something on here feel free to let us know.



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